Unfortunately, there’s absolutely no way to prevent moles and stop them from appearing. This is just a sad fact of life. If someone happens to have perfect skin then they are lucky, but most people will have at least one mole on their body. Although moles can’t be prevented it’s still important to protect the moles. Why? Well unprotected moles can turn into melanoma; melanoma is a form of skin cancer.

Checking the Moles

It’s important to carry out at least one check on all moles every few months to make sure they aren’t changing. This is the measuring stick everybody should use to make sure that they are adequately protecting their moles. Check for the following:

  • If the mole has grown bigger then this could be a warning sign.
  • Melanoma could be present if the mole has changed from one color to multiple colors.
  • If any new moles have appeared then this could either be completely natural or a sign of melanoma.
  • If the moles are red, bleeding, or are inflamed in any way then have either been picked or the melanoma is developing itself.
  • Some moles that have caused melanoma have signaled this by having ragged and irregular edges.

Major Cause of Melanoma

The major cause of any form of skin cancer, not just melanoma, is the sun. This is because it gives out Ultraviolet Rays (UV) and attacks the cells of the skin. When UV rays hit the skin cells they disrupt the cell lifecycle by knocking out parts of the cell’s function. This then leads to the skin cells growing out of control, and this is when it enters the metastasis stage where the cancer begins to spread and infect the other major organs of the body. Skin cancer is so dangerous not because of where its origins lie, it’s so dangerous because it can easily spread to the kidneys, lungs, heart, liver, and any other major organ in the body.

This is why it’s important to protect one’s self from the sun. Take into account the following information and act appropriately:

  • The sun is most potent when closer to the equator, at high altitudes, and in the middle of the day.
  • UV exposure is still possible even when clouds are blocking out the sun.
  • To prevent exposure it’s important to keep under some shade in the middle of the day, wear sunscreen, and avoid sun loungers as these pump out lots of harmful UV rays.

If Any Symptoms Are Present…

Most symptoms associated with skin cancer, when pertaining to moles, are completely and utterly harmless. They don’t mean anything and nothing can be done about them, but there’s always a chance that it spells danger. That’s why it’s important that no chances are taken and that a doctor is visited immediately. They will either be able to spot straight away whether there’s any cancer present or they will send their patients away to a hospital for further tests. Don’t delay because this could literally mean the difference between life and death.

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