#1 DermaTend

DermaTend is the best product which has received the highest ratings in 2010 and 2011. Unlike other products, it can remove moles, warts, skin tags and is proven to be very effective. If your mole is not too huge, you can see permanent results overnight.

DermaTend is made from natural ingredients and thus you will never see any scars after applying it. All these features make it the best choice for anyone who wants to remove moles naturally. That is why the company has thousands of satisfied customers all over the world.


#2 Heal Moles

Heal Moles is the second product in our rating. It is a natural formula made from pure essential oils which penetrate the skin mole and dry it up from the inside out. The mole falls off without no scarring and irritation.

It is produced by Healing Natural Oils. This company has been in existance for more than 10 years and received many positive feedbacks from customers.

Although, the product is proven to remove skin moles, it takes up to 3 weeks to see results. This is the only disadvantage of Heal Moles.

Skin Mole Causes

Moles are, in essence, clusters of skin pigment cells which should be spread throughout the body. Instead of locating themselves across the skin itself they group together and form what we see as a mole. These are often harmless and may never cause you problems in the long run. When they begin to form too often you may feel there is a reason why they are continuously popping up and you might want to have a professional see to them just in case they are harmful to your health.

There are a variety of causes that could lead to moles appearing on the body and while some of these can be prevented at other times the causes are more complex and you may need to look at a range of probabilities that may be contributing to the problem.

At different phases of your life you may find that these moles appear more frequently than at other times. This could be due to different changes that often occur in the body at its various stages in life. At some points you might find that they are rare while at other times they may become quite a problem; this often depends on person to person and their specific lifestyle and genetic makeup.

If you are a woman then you might find that you are at an increased risk of developing moles at certain stages of your life. This is because a women’s body changes throughout the various stages of her life and these changes just so happen to create a more ideal environment for moles to form on the body.

During childhood, moles tend to form on the body and this is fairly common. You may begin life with fairly few moles but these may multiply until you enter adulthood. These moles are usually “normal” moles and they might never cause problems in your lifetime.

Genetics And Heredity: Atypical Mole Syndrome

When we are conceived, we receive a variety of genetic patterns from both of our parents. While some of these may dictate harmless facets such as our hair and eye color, others may not be so forgiving.

There are many genetic problems that can be passed down from generation to generation and sometimes we may even end up unknowingly carrying these around with us in our genes.

An example of this is Atypical Mole Syndrome. This syndrome causes a tendency in the body to form an excessive amount of moles on our skin. This is something that we could have received from our parents or our grandparents and we have no control over whether we receive it or not.

These moles may be irregular in size and color and this is what makes them such a health risk. If you have been born with this disorder you may also be more likely to develop Melanoma and so you may need to take the necessary precautions when it comes to protecting your skin and your health.

Sun Exposure

Exposing your skin to the sun can cause moles to form on your body. For this reason you may need to be careful about spending long periods in direct sunlight as well as taking care to use sun block whenever you do venture out. This is the only way to ensure that you do not raise your risk of skin cancer by allowing the number of moles on your body to grow.

If you have particularly fair skin then you may notice that you are more prone to moles. This is common among people with lighter skin and this is the reason why they should go to greater lengths to protect themselves from the sun’s harmful effects.

The more sun exposure you receive, the higher your chances are of forming moles on your skin. This is true for most people. The sun can also cause moles to become cancerous because it forms within or around the mole itself.

Hormonal Changes

During times of hormonal changes the body increases the rate at which it forms moles. These times are more specifically those at which the body is undergoing a great change. More specifically this occurs during pregnancy, puberty and menopause. These are times when the body is changing very rapidly and this may cause moles of the atypical variety to form.

If you have thyroid problems then you may know that this gland produces hormones within the body. When your body is not able to produce these hormones in the manner that it should it cause imbalances within the body that could lead to the excessive production of moles.

Taking hormone medication might also increase the number of moles that appear on your body. They may even continue to appear long after you have stopped the medication as your body needs time to revert back to its usual state.

The Diagnosis Of A Medical Practitioner

In order to find out what is causing this problem you may need to consider more than one factor. You may also need to combine a variety of factors in order to discover the most plausible cause. It may be dependant on certain environmental factors which you may be able to control or decrease but it might also be due to certain biological factors which you have little or no control over.

In order to properly evaluate the causes, a practitioner needs to be consulted. He or she will be able to give proper information regarding the risks and the preventative measures that can be taken in order to ensure that this problem is alleviated or at least contained.

A practitioner is always a good person to consult when it comes to problems such as these especially since the connections with moles and Melanoma have increasingly shown to be strong. This is especially true in some cases where atypical mole syndrome has been found present but there is always the chance that a seemingly ordinary mole has become a danger.

Natural Mole Removal Ingredients

Removing moles through surgery can be an expensive and painful process. This is why so many people are seeking natural removal methods that may have the same result.

There are many different types of ingredients that can do the job but you must always remember to talk to your doctor about the options beforehand; you want to make sure that they are safe for you to use.

The best ingredients are often the most natural ones. For many years people have been using nature as their main source of medical supplies. These ingredients are inexpensive and they are also healthier for your body.

The main reason that people tend to lean towards natural ingredients more than they do chemical ones is that the natural ingredients often work better and they have fewer side effects. However, natural remedies usually require too much time and this is the reason why natural mole removal products such as dermatend which can remove skin mole in a few days became so popular nowadays. Such products are 100% natural, they do not have side effects and, what is very important, they are very effective.

When it comes to using natural ingredients to combat the problem of moles, you might find that you have to try a few before one works for you. This process is a very personal one and so you alone must decide which is the best and which one will solve your problem.

Removing Moles Using Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil has been known to cure many skin afflictions such as warts and moles. This remedy is easy to use and this is what makes it so popular.

Patients who want their moles removed simply need to wipe the mole and its surrounding area with a cotton swab dipped in this oil. This should be done a few times a day for a couple of weeks before the mole will eventually drop off by itself.

This is a painless option and there is little or no scarring once the mole has been removed. This is also a very affordable product with little or no known side effects.

Removing Moles Using Castor Oil

Castor Oil is a very common method used to remove moles. This option is applied much the same as with the Tea Tree Oil. The patient will also need to apply it using a cotton swab to the area in question for about two weeks.

Once the two weeks are at an end the patient should notice that the mole has begun to shrink or it might have dropped off entirely. This remedy should be applied at least twice a day in order to see any kind of results.


Removing Moles Using Sour Apple

Using this natural remedy a patient can use either a slice of a sour apple or the juice itself to remove a mole. When using the juice a few drops of the liquid should be placed on a cotton swab or a q-tip and then rubbed over the affected area at least three times a day.

Any brand of sour apple can be used to accomplish this and they can usually be purchased at a local supermarket. This is a very inexpensive method of ridding yourself of this problem and the results should be seen within a matter of a few weeks.

Removing Moles Using Baking Soda

Baking soda has been known to remove moles when using a variety of different methods. It is usually added to another ingredient such as apple cider vinegar or castor oil. This has been known to be one of the most effective methods of mole removal and thus many patients turn to it when they are searching for an answer.

Depending on the added ingredient, the method of application is usually to apply a paste on the affected area. This paste is then applied a few times more during the day and within a few weeks results are said to be seen.

The mole itself will simply shrink and then drop off in a few weeks if this combination has been applied correctly and the area is then left slightly tender and red. This ill fade with time and the mole should not grow back once it has been removed.

This method is especially effective on flat moles around the body and it might not be as effective when the mole is raised. For this reason it might be best to attempt other methods if this particular one shows no results.

Removing Moles Using Onion Juice

Onion juice is another great natural way to remove moles. You can purchase it at the local grocery store or you can simply make it yourself. Applying it is simple and it won’t take long before you start seeing some great results.

This is also an inexpensive and non painful way to get rid of moles. You simple have to rub the mole with this juice a few times in a day and wait for the mole to disappear. This might happen slowly at first but soon you will notice that the mole has fallen off.

This is a great way to get rid of moles especially since it is natural and has no side effects as long as you are not allergic to it.

Removing Moles Using Dandelion Roots

Dandelion roots are a great mole removal option because they can be found in your own garden. Not only is this one of the least expensive methods of mole removal but it has also been known to be very effective.

Using these roots is simple and you can do it yourself in your own home. You simply need to extract a bit of the milky liquid from the root of a Dandelion and rub it directly on your mole. This should be done two or three times a day in order for it to be effective after only a few weeks.

The Benefits of Natural Products And The Removal Of Moles

One of the main benefits when it comes to removing moles with natural products is that there is generally no scarring. During these procedures the mole simply falls of once the product has been sufficiently applied. This is also a much less painful way of removing them and the patient can do it in the comfort of their own home. However, if you do not want to spend months applying ingredients, the best choice for you will be a natural mole removal product such as dermatend.